A bit more info about me

It is more difficult to write about oneself than it is about a product or a service. I like to stay rooted to the facts, so that’s what I’ll attempt to do.

I started my career in the online gambling industry only a few years ago after graduating with a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin. While at the University, I published regular articles under a pseudonym, and in my final year became the editor of a magazine funded by my research department.

Despite primarily thinking of myself as a writer, I took a pragmatic approach to my education and studied to become an Electrical Engineer. Perhaps I am trying to over-rationalize my past, but there seems to be a happy convergence between what I studied at university and my original identity as a writer - a convergence, even, that may resemble fate.

To write about online gambling, it’s helpful to know a bit about programming and the underlying mathematics of casino games. My education in this regard has supplied me with an erudite understanding of the more technical aspects of the industry. My skill as a writer allows me to simplify these technicalities so everyone can understand them.

If you want to get in touch and share casino information with me - feel free to send me a message!

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