No Deposit Slots

Slots are considered the most popular game at online casinos. That is why they form the bulk of the game portfolio of all software providers barring specialists like Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming, which specialize in live dealer casino games. A big contributor to their popularity is the fact that they are not skill-based; all you need is a healthy dose of good luck to score some cool wins. Their popularity also ensures there are slots for every kind of fan, and you will find variance in terms of the paylines, reels, formats, special features, bonus rounds, pay tables, and much more.

Also because they are so popular, you will find exciting bonuses just for slots. Two popular kinds of bonuses specifically for slots are the slots welcome bonus and the no deposit slots bonus. On this page we will discuss at length about the no deposit slots bonus.

What is a No Deposit Slots Bonus?

The no deposit slots bonus is exactly what the labeling on the offer says - you get a bonus even before you deposit funds into your account. You get the bonus the moment you open an account with the casino. You don't have to make a deposit to get this bonus, and therein lies its appeal. It is a promise of free money or credits in return for opening an account. Casinos offer it to new players as incentive to open a real money account with them.

As the name suggests, the no deposit slots bonus works on slots only; you cannot use it to play other games. This bonus is a win-win for all. You get to play your favorite slots for free in the real money mode, and also a chance to score some wins and get the bankroll fattened a bit. The casino gets a new player. Not just that, most of the time players end up depositing funds into their account after they have used the no deposit slots bonus.

You will not, however, find this bonus at all online casinos. This is because the offer requires casinos to give out free money or free spins. While that is exciting for players, casinos are wary of offering a bonus that may come back to bite them, for instance when a player scores a huge win with a no deposit bonus. There are clauses incorporated into the terms and conditions governing the no deposit slots bonus to prevent any such occurrence. But even then not all casinos offer this bonus. That is why the ones that do stand out and seem attractive propositions to players.

Top USA No Deposit Slots Bonuses

With slots being so popular among players in the US and across the world, you find a number of online casinos offering no deposit slots bonuses. We have compiled here for you a list of the top no deposit slots bonuses for US players. All you have to do is browse the list and click on the bonus you like to visit the casino and get started.


$33 No Deposit Bonus

Wager: 20x B

Wagering Requirements

20x Bonus Wager

$100Max Withdrawal


$77 No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Code: CLEO77
Wager: 30x B

Wagering Requirements

30x Bonus Wager

$100Max Withdrawal


20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Wager: See Casino

Wagering Requirements

Free Spins will be subject to a wagering requirement of 70 times.

$50Max Withdrawal

Types of US Real Money Casino No Deposit Slots Bonuses

There are different kinds of no deposit slots bonuses available to players. Based primarily on the type of bonus you get, you can categorize them into:

No Deposit Cash/Credits Slots Bonus

The first kind listed above gives you free money in your account the moment you sign up with the casino. The free cash can be used to play the slots, along with any of the other games covered by the bonus. This is important to remember: you can use this bonus to play only those slots that are eligible for play using this bonus. This means you cannot play just about any slot that you fancy from the list that the casino offers.

The amount of cash offered as no deposit bonus is usually not too large - anywhere between $5 and $30. This is a good number to dangle in front of a new player, with the promise of a bigger and juicier bonus to come when they make their first deposit.

There are of course terms and conditions to be met in order to redeem winnings from this bonus. These terms are incorporated to ensure casinos don't end up losing too much as a result of giving this bonus to players.

No Deposit Free Spins Slots Bonus

No deposit free spins are the ones commonly associated with slots and as the name suggests, this bonus covers only slots. The casino gives you a certain number of free spins as bonus on opening an account with it. The number of free spins available depends on the casino and ranges anywhere between 10 and 50, though some casinos do offer more no deposit free spins.

The no deposit free spins bonus usually covers a single slot. Some casinos may offer it on multiple slots, though. That is why it is important to check the information available about the bonus thoroughly at the casino before you sign up. This bonus has its own terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled for you to be able to withdraw funds from it.

No Deposit Slots Bonus with Time

There are a few US casinos that offer a special kind of no deposit bonus - a huge wad of money that players have to use up within a specified period of time. This bonus is great fun to play with because the amount on offer is huge - usually anywhere between $200 and $3000 depending on the casino you are at.

This bonus does not cover just slots, however; it may cover other games too that the casino lists out. We mention it here because slots ARE usually the games that you will end up playing with this bonus.

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Slots Bonuses

There is another way of categorizing the no deposit slots bonus: you can categorize it into 2 major types depending on whether you can cash out or not:

Cashable No Deposit Slots Bonuses

The name is a dead giveaway of what this bonus is: it is one that, once you have used it up, allows you to cash out a portion of your winnings. The portion of the winnings you can cash out is the maximum capped amount; the rest of the winnings are lost to you. But look at the bright side: you do get something that can concretely boost your bankroll.

Non-cashable No Deposit Slots Bonuses

You cannot cash out the winnings earned from this bonus. You can redeem the winnings once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions associated with the bonus. The money is then directly credited to your casino account and you can use it to play the different slots available. However, when you are withdrawing your winnings, this money is deducted from the overall wins

Why Play Online Slots for Real Money with the No Deposit Slots Bonus?

The no deposit slots bonus is very popular at all the USA casinos that offer them, and for a number of very good reasons. The casinos offer this bonus on slots that are hugely popular to be able to drive maximum new player traffic to their websites. We list these out for you here:

It is free

This bonus is available for free; you do not have to deposit funds to claim this bonus. Since the slots that are covered by this bonus are among the most popular out of the entire list of slots that the software provider has, you get to play the best for free. All you have to do is sign up, and use a bonus code if required, but more about that later.

It is zero risk

The single biggest benefit that the no deposit slots bonus offers players is that it is zero risk. Since you don't have to use your money to wager for a spin, you really don't have anything to lose. Any money that you win with this bonus is just, well, a bonus.

It ensures familiarization at no cost

This bonus lets you familiarize with the real money play environment without you actually having to spend real money, money that you would otherwise invest from your pocket into making a deposit and placing wagers.

It gives you free wins

This is another major reason for the popularity of no deposit slots bonuses. You can use the bonus to pick up wins, without actually spending any of your own money.

It boosts your bankroll

The no deposit slots bonus boosts your bankroll. While the no deposit free spins bonus helps you add to your bankroll by picking up free wins, the no deposit cash bonus allows you to boost your bankroll twice over - by giving you free money to play with and also the wins you achieve with it. You get to keep a portion of your winnings from the bonus provided you fulfil the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions attached to it.

Using Bonus Codes to Play Free Slots with the No Deposit Slots Bonus

There are two ways of playing with the no deposit slots bonus at a USA-friendly online casino. Some casinos give you the bonus the moment you sign up with them. The process is simple: you sign up with the casino and the bonus is made available to you. At some casinos, the bonus is made available on sign up but can be claimed only by using the appropriate bonus code.

The bonus code is important for the casinos as it helps them to promote and track their offers. Imagine a casino that offers 6 different bonuses; tracking them becomes simpler if each of them comes with an associated bonus code. The player types in the bonus code and the casino immediately triggers the matching bonus for it. This helps avoid mistakes and misuse of bonuses by players and ensures a player cannot use the same bonus multiple times unless the casino's terms and conditions for the bonus allow such usage.

For the players the bonus code is good because it ensures they get directed to the right bonus. All they have to do is enter the bonus code in the field provided. And given that many casinos permit only one bonus to be active at a given point in time, the bonus code helps both the casino and the player ensure they do not get on the wrong side of the rules by allowing recognition of one bonus code at a time.

How to Play US Real Money Casino No Deposit Slots with Bonus Codes

Using bonus codes to play with the no deposit slots bonus is simple and a whole lot of fun. This is what you need to do:

  1. Click the USA online casino you want to play at from the list provided above to be taken to the casino.
  2. Click the Register or Sign Up button on the casino's website to start the registration process.
  3. Choose a username and password for your casino account and then click Continue.
  4. Enter all the required details about yourself in the form provided.
  5. Check the option for claiming the no deposit slots bonus on offer.
  6. Enter the bonus code that is shown alongside the promotion. If you are accessing the casino from an affiliate or any other related site, the bonus code would be listed on that website. There is another variant you should be aware of: some casinos may ask you to e-mail them the bonus codes you got at the affiliate site.
  7. Once you have entered the bonus code click the Submit button. You have successfully opened an account and your no deposit slots bonus has been activated.
  8. Click the game that the bonus covers to be able to play it for free.
  9. Ensure that you fulfil the terms and conditions associated with the bonus, starting with the wagering requirements, to be able to redeem or withdraw the maximum capped winnings.

Which are the Best Bonus Codes for the No Deposit Slots Bonus for USA Players?

The popularity of the no deposit slots bonus has ensured that most of the leading online casino software providers offer this bonus to attract new players. Players can use the bonus code provided to use this bonus at these casino. That literally translates to a hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos offering this superb bonus and also the bonus codes to play it.

There is no such absolute as the best bonus codes for using the no deposit slots bonus. Each player has his own style of playing and his own preferences, which makes the question of top bonus codes subjective. There are a huge number of online casinos offering bonus codes for the no deposit slots bonus; the ones we personally have preferred are the codes provided by Slotastic Casino and Uptown Aces Casino.

Slotastic casino is an RTG-powered casino and has a reputation for excellent quality of games and promotions. Each of the bonuses here come with a bonus code that sounds cool and catchy and also leads you to some sensational bonuses. For instance, the no deposit slots bonus here gives you 10 cool free spins on the amazing Panda Magic slots. All you have to do is open an account and use the bonus code MAGICTASTIC.

The bonus code immediately establishes a personal connect with the bonus, like it is yours to use and not just any generic player's. There are bonus codes for the other promotions at the casino as well.

Uptown Aces is another RTG-powered casino that looks great and has a stunning array of bonuses. There is a massive welcome bonus that gives players up to $8,888 and 350 free spins across their first 6 deposits using the bonus codes UPTOWN1ACES to UPTOWN6ACES respectively for each of these deposits. The casino also offers a cool free reload bonus each month: you get a $150 no deposit bonus each month that you can claim using the FREE150REVIVAL bonus code.

Uptown Aces Casino offers new players a $10 No Deposit bonus. Sign up with code UPTOWN10.

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Terms and Conditions Governing No Deposit Slots Bonuses

No deposit slots bonuses offer players free money and that leaves the casino vulnerable to exploitation, bonus abuse, or simply the fact of a huge payout with no return on the bonus offered in terms of player acquisition. That is why all casinos have in place some terms and conditions for the no deposit slots bonuses they offer. These are more like rules that govern the way players can use this bonus to derive maximum benefit, but without the casino getting hit.

There are a number of terms and conditions associated with the no deposit slots bonus. The most important of these are:

Wagering requirements

You would need to wager the bonus amount a specific number of times to be able to redeem or withdraw a portion of the winnings you earn from it. In the case of the no deposit free spins bonus you would need to wager the winnings a specific number of times. Some casinos have high wagering requirements in place, say 60x the bonus amount, because this is a no deposit bonus. The casinos we list all come with fair and comfortable wagering requirements.

Eligible games

Casinos list out the games that are covered for play with the no deposit slots bonus. In the case of the no deposit free spins slots bonus usually one game is covered for play. Ensure that you fulfil this requirement as violating it could lead to forfeiture of winnings earned from it, at the least.

Maximum capped amount

This condition is included to safeguard the casino from making huge payouts on a bonus for which the player did not have to make any deposits. Regardless of how much you win with the no deposit slots bonus, the casino allows only a portion of it, called the maximum capped amount, to be redeemed or withdrawn. The remaining amount is not available for use.

Minimum deposit

Casinos require players to make a minimum deposit into their casino account to be able to redeem or withdraw the maximum capped winnings from the bonus.

Is It Possible to Make Real Money with the No Deposit Slots Bonus?

The one question that will definitely arise in your mind if you are new to the no deposit slots bonus is whether you would actually be able to make real money by using this bonus. The answer to that is yes, you can actually make money using this bonus.

Of course there are dependencies, like the casino you are playing at and the kind of no deposit slots bonus it offers: if it is a non-cashable bonus then you will not be able to withdraw winnings from it. The money would be deposited in your casino account and you could use it to play the games available.

If you are at a casino that offers a cashable no deposit slots bonus then you can withdraw your winnings from it. There will be a cap on the amount you can withdraw, of course. And you would need to fulfil the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions associated with the bonus as well.

Some Popular USA No Deposit Slots

There are a number of cool slots from leading software providers that come with the no deposit slots bonus attached to them. What this means is casinos offer this bonus on these specific slots. We list 5 such no deposit slots that are popular among US players.