What To Expect At G2E 2018 In Las Vegas

Held every year, G2E attracts scores of global, commercial, and tribal gaming professionals from all over North America. It is the largest event of its kind, providing attendees with plenty of cutting-edge educational content as well as firsthand access to the latest products and technologies in the gaming world. For any type of business owner involved in the casino and gaming industry, G2E offers a wealth of resources and opportunities that are essential to achieving the next stage of growth and success.

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G2E exhibits

G2E exhibits

One of the main draws of the Global Gaming Expo is the series of exhibits showcasing the latest in gaming technology and innovation. Scheduled for October 9 to October 11 this year, the exhibit will be attended by an estimated 26,000 gaming professionals from more than a hundred countries and 54 states, territories, and districts.

There are many reasons why the Global Gaming Expo is such a hotbed of activity for the gaming industry. For one thing, this is where the biggest and most prominent players in the gaming world converge. Over the course of a few days, new products are launched and essential services are introduced. Many of the new games are slots, as expected and visitors can try these slots with no deposit required. Participants are also provided an effective platform by which they could build brand awareness, identify and pursue leads, and engage new customers.

Exposure is an essential component of any event of this nature, and participants can take full advantage of the opportunities available here. Some of the top media outlets will be represented by more than 300 members of the media. With this type of exposure, G2E provides an excellent opportunity for companies to achieve increased mileage with their products and services as well as with their brands. As stated by a representative of JVL Gaming: "G2e is a great opportunity for gaming executives and buyers to network, as well as see the most in-depth source of new products." He went on cite the importance of the event, saying that it is "a must for any gaming professional".

G2E educational sessions

G2E educational sessions

Also an important part of the event is the in-depth education and training sessions that will be held over a period of four days. Set to take place from October 8 to October 11, the education program aims to set the standard for professionals in the gaming industry.

The Global Gaming Expo education sessions go well beyond your typical seminars and introductory courses. Each and every session has been carefully developed in conjunction with recognized industry experts, each of whom brings years of experience and real world capability to the event. Delivering actionable content is one of the main goals of these sessions, with the goal achieved via carefully curated tracks intended for specific sectors in the gaming industry.

Most every area of the industry you can think of will be covered during the event. In addition to highlighting the latest trends, the educational sessions will also provide valuable insights that will provide companies with the means to achieve their business goals. Covering sports betting, e-sports, and tribal trends among other topics, the educational sessions at the Global Gaming Expo is a potential game changer.

Gaming leadership and career development

Gaming leadership and career development

Those interested in taking the next step toward achieving their career goals should definitely check out the gaming leadership and career development sessions offered as part of the Global Gaming Expo. With the rapid developments and new opportunities coming up every day, industry players would do well to transition and grow into their roles as leaders. This particular course provides a thorough grounding in the means for doing so, making it one of the most important parts of the entire expo.

Also part of these sessions is an in-depth discussion about diversity in the workplace, issues and concerns revolving around sexual harassment, and even maintaining optimal performance under pressure. There will even be talks on setting priorities with the goal of increasing profitability, speeding up professional development, and increasing individual contributions to the organization.

Integrated resort development and management

In today's modern gaming environment, few established exist on their own without affiliation with other areas of the business. This track will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to successfully bring together the separate disciplines of development and management. With the valuable information provided on pricing and optimizing revenue generation, you will have the edge in terms of expanding and enhancing the key areas of your business. The team of noted industry experts will also help you avoid common mistakes. This particular track is ideally suited to executive managers working in the areas of marketing, finance, revenue management, sales, and hotel operations.

Optimizing Gaming Operations: Guest Service & Experience

Your guests are the life blood of your business, which is why you should definitely look into the opportunities provided in terms of enhancing the experience for your customers. If you are involved in making purchase decisions within your organization, this track is ideally suited for your needs.

Investing in assets is one thing, but you really need to be investing equally in people, products, and technology in order to achieve your goals. This track enables you to do just that, with proven advice, tips, and information on attracting and retaining personnel, service training, and dealing with customer conflict among other topics. Especially exciting is the coverage of the latest in emerging technology, particularly mobile technology, cash management, and card-less systems. This track is highly recommended for those working in the areas of casino operations, floor management, hospitality management, and customer service.

Security, surveillance and compliance

Maintaining security and ensuring compliance are among the most challenging aspects of operating a gaming-related enterprise in the 21st century. Along with the increasing need to provide a safe and secure environment, there is also the need to protect company data and assets. As customers increase and the employee base grows, these concerns continue to come to the fore.

This particular track of the G2E educational program provides participants with the means to identify and address threats, as well as to develop effective defensive measures. With the helpful advice and information provided, participants will be able to learn and employ a wide variety of up-to-the-minute techniques and solutions that will help reduce risk and effectively bring together the company's cybersecurity and physical security efforts. The seminars will also help participants learn how to manage insider threats while maintaining strict compliance. This particular track is essential for most any industry professional, but most especially for those involved in the areas of security, surveillance, compliance, legal, and regulation.

Sports betting symposium

Sports betting symposium

Those in the sports betting area of the industry will appreciate the holding of a series of talks on that very subject. Dealing with the various ways by which the rights of consumers can be protected and the integrity of the games can be preserved, this particular track is essential for those working toward the uplifting of sports betting.

Tribal gaming

Finally, those interested should take part in the tribal gaming track, in which the myriad concerns of the tribal communities will be addressed. This track is a joint partnership between Global Gaming Expo and the National Indian Gaming Association.

Finding your way around

Key personnel have been tasked with the role of assisting participants throughout the expo. Some of the more important teams and services to look for are:

The G2E Ask Me Team will be easy to spot with their lime green shirts and large signs. Members of the team will be available throughout the venue.

Located all throughout the exhibit hall are G2E Info Desks where you can get essential information such as event schedules. You can also ask for assistance on finding your way around and even get answers to questions about the event.

You may also download the G2E Mobile app, which will give you access to the latest information about the Global Gaming Expo.

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