This is called bonus abuse and casinos are constantly working towards patching up the loophole. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some players from trying, and as a recent study shows, casino bonus abuse is up 71%. Additionally, there still may be some players out there unwittingly abusing the system.

These are the players we’re addressing today. When it comes to online gambling, jackpot winnings, and international regulations, ignorance about the rules simply doesn’t cut it anymore. So today, we’re talking about casino bonus abuse and everything players need to know on how to avoid it, and why you should.

What is Bonus Abuse?

Any bet or action that attempts to gain an unfair advantage is considered Bonus Abuse and almost always goes against the T&Cs of an online casino. Unless the offense is outright illegal, casinos don’t typically take any legal action against players when caught.

Casinos are, however, well within their rights to confiscate any winnings and money in your account and ban players from using their casino or platform. This could be just one online casino or an entire network of casinos, making it almost impossible to play online once you’ve been banned.

What is the Purpose of a Casino Bonus?

Casino bonuses are rewards used to entice new players to an online casino. They can range from no deposit free spins on a no deposit slot game to free money, or even credit to play on a casino’s website. They’re a great way to take an online casino for a test drive and see if you like the games and the platform. If you end up walking away with a little bit of money, all the better.

There are a lot of rules that go along with casino bonuses to prevent players from abusing the system, namely wagering requirements, but there’s always a chance that someone will find a new loophole or slip through the cracks.


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Going Big

“Go big or go home.”

As the saying goes, this tactic involves players grabbing a sign-on bonus and immediately betting high on a highly volatile game. This means they’re either going to lose all the money quickly, or they’re going to win it big. That in itself is fine, but not really in the spirit of the game.

These bonus hunters try to hit it big, and then if they lose, they immediately go on to the next online casino and sign up for the next bonus. This ploy is actually quite hard for casinos to track in the short term, but if caught, players can face lifetime bans and loss of winnings.

Double Dipping

It doesn’t happen often, but there are always going to be some bugs in computer software. When a bug or glitch is discovered, some sneaky players will try to input bonus codes more than once. Usually, the system can track that it’s already been used, but every so often, you may get double the reward.

Don’t get too attached to that reward, though. Online casinos are very vigilant about cybersecurity and will soon notice the double dip. When discovered, you won’t be able to keep the bonus. If it’s an honest mistake, they’ll simply take back the extra funds, but if there’s a pattern of abuse, you could face a ban and lose any money you have left in your account.

Early Withdrawal

Attempting to withdraw funds before wagering requirements are met is a definite no-no. As with any kind of technology or automated system, there’s always a chance that when players get close to completing the wagering requirements, the system might allow them to withdraw funds early.

Casinos have been known to immediately flag accounts that do this, immediately reverse charges, and even ban players from their network. If it’s a legitimate mistake then you can talk to the casino to sort it out.


It’s always best to read the bonus terms and conditions before committing to anything money-related online. This is especially true for playing at online casinos.

Whether players abuse the bonus system willingly or by accident, the results will be the same. Legally, casinos can confiscate any money left in a player's account and ban the player permanently or temporarily for their infractions.

Casinos do share information among themselves through industry networks, so a ban at one casino may actually extend to multiple casinos around the country or the world, making it difficult to find a casino that will accept those that violate the rules.

It’s best to always know the rules in advance and follow them to the letter.

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