Best No Deposit Slots Infographics

When it comes to online slots, there are infographics for literally every aspect of online slots. There are infographics that talk about what online slots are, how to play them, strategy required, the biggest jackpots won on online slots, and also summary information about individual slots from different providers.

On this page we will take a look at some of the top infographics about online slots that you will find. These infographics cover the entire spectrum, from how to play online slots, to the benefits of playing online slots right down to information about individual slots that are highly popular and/or new.

How Slot Machines Evolved

This one is a classic example of why infographics are so popular. The evolution of the slot machine - from the first slot right up to the high quality online and mobile slots of today is a story that volumes have been written about. And yet this entire data is encapsulated and presented - precisely, accurately and of course in an aesthetically pleasing manner through this single infographic!

This is almost like a pictorial representation of a milestone document: at the top of each segment is the year (or range of years) and below it you find, neatly laid out with accompanying graphics - and charts wherever needed - the important milestones in the evolution of the slot for that time period.

Right at the top you find synopsized content about the one-armed bandits, with significant details offered through beautifully crafted blurbs. From the one-armed machines we move to the fruit machines and in this segment you find a list of important years and events related to the development of slots for those dates. The content then flows down to the emergence of the video slot and finally to the online slot in 1994, ending finally with the arrival of the mobile slot.

How Slot Machines Evolved

Playing Slots Online

This is a classic online-slots related infographic that not only looks amazing but also provides you a wealth of information. Right at the beginning is listed out, with appropriate graphics that are mostly symbols from different slots, an entire range of terms you should know if you are looking to play online slots. The list of terms is exhaustive and includes terms like reels, payline, multiplier, wilds, scatters, bonus games, and of course progressive jackpots. The flow of content is brilliant, starting from essential terms and going on to terms that you anyway will need to know.

The content then shifts to types of slots. There is superbly crafted information on the two basic types of slots - classic and multiline video slots. Our only observation is that this section could have possibly been expanded a little bit to include types by theme, specific software provider-centric slots, and more. The graphics in this section are simply representations or logos of a game or games from each category.

The infographic ends with a listing of some of the popular slots.

Playing Slots Online

The Advantages of Playing Slots at Online Casinos

This infographic talks about the benefits of playing slots online as compared to playing at land-based machines. The infographic starts with a general description of what slots are and the fact that they are among the most popular gambling games around. This is followed by information on where you can play slots and other important details like the fact that these online slots use a random number generator is also covered in this segment. The graphics completely complement the information provided.

There is a section that is like a brief FAQ with questions commonly asked about online slots and crisp and accurate answers for each of them. This is followed by a slightly longer section on the benefits of playing online slots. All the major benefits are covered - the ability to play from home, the fact that this game doesn't require skill, 24x7 availability and the ability to play in both free practice and real money modes.

The next section is important, as it gives you information that you might otherwise have to search around for - the biggest slot play wins. The infographics ends with a mention of the website where it can be found.

Advantages of Playing Slots at Online Casinos


This is an infographic on one of the most famous slots of recent times - Starburst. This online slot from NetEnt was released in 2012 and is till date one of the best-selling slots to emerge from the gates of this industry-leading online casino software provider from Sweden.

The infographic starts with the Starburst logo proudly displayed at the top of the screen, followed by a brief introduction to the slot - the fact of its popularity and its availability on both desktop and mobile casinos currently. This is followed by basic game information - number of reels, the number of paylines, and the minimum and maximum bets. The next section is about the special features that the game comes with - the Starburst wild and an explanation about how it works to give you more wins.

In the next section you get information in brief about the return to player percentage of the game - 96.1% - and the maximum number of coins you can win in a single spin - 50000 coins. The infographic ends with a call to action to play the site for free as well as real money at the site where the infographic is showcased.

What stands out about this infographic apart from the crisp content and graphics is the color scheme: it is perfectly in sync with the basic color associated with the slot itself.



One online slots infographic that takes one's understanding of a game to a whole new level through simplified and accurate content and high quality graphics is for the Jumanji slot by NetEnt. The slot itself is fantastic to play, as can be expected from a provider of the stature of NetEnt; going through this infographic makes you want to dive in as soon as you can. Everything about this infographic screams perfection: the graphics are outstanding and the text is uppercase and large font.

Right off the top you get info about the special features that the Jumanji slot has - sticky vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem and Wild Stampede. There is brief but concise information about other features like the Mystery feature and the way the board game element works. The infographic ends with details about the game - the fact that it has 36 paylines and a RTP value of 96.83% and offers a maximum win of €100,800.


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